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Visualisation, control and optimisation of complex systems in real time.

Digital applications that support production processes, which are also driven by the requirements of Industry 4.0, are increasingly playing a central role as planning and controlling entities. celano’s SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems provide a wide range of solutions and are used within a wide range of applications.

System applications

Possible applications:

  • Electric arc furnaces
  • Converters
  • Casting lines
  • Heating furnaces
    (e.g. rotary hearth furnace, pusher type furnace)
  • Heat treatment furnaces
  • Continuous annealing lines, picking lines,
    hot dip galvanising lines
  • Bell type annealing furnaces
  • Plasma furnaces
  • Test benches and test planning

Process image of a tempering furnace (roller hearth furnace)


Efficiency through transparency in every stage of the manufacturing process.


celMES (Manufacturing Execution System) manages and controls production in real time. It receives the data from the process (e.g. machine utilisation, downtimes, production quantities) and passes it on to higher-level ERP systems.

celMES – Effective management:

  • Increasing efficiency and quality
  • Cost reductions
  • Saving resources
  • Environmental protection
  • Product and quality improvement
  • Quality certification


Statistical process control.

SPC (statistical process control) – an extraordinary tool for quality management. celSPC is a powerful tool for monitoring and statistically analysing production processes in real time.

celSPC can be connected to a large number of data sources and also be combined, according to requirements. All standard control chart types are supported. Both, the run tests and the actions assigned to them can be configured as desired. celSPC can be used for effective process monitoring in a wide variety of application scenarios.

celSPC – Statistical evaluation in real time