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Warehouse management celWMS

celano Warehouse Management System – Logistics & Warehouse Management State of the Art.


The warehouse management system celWMS for intermediate and final products, such as coils, ring packages, slabs, billets, blocks and production means is appropriate for a variety of requirements and environments.

Warehouse management

To increase efficiency, celWMS can be extended with the optimisation module celSSR for the transport order planning taking into account bottleneck resources.

As a systems integrator, we deliver complete solutions together with our qualified partners:

  • WLAN components
  • Crane position detection
  • Crane assembly
  • Crane / truck terminals
  • Tablets / mobile terminals

celWMS stands out thanks to the following functions:

  • Visualisation for operator stations, cranes and tablets via web browser and according to customer requirements with 2D and 3D display
  • Storage location management with:
    • Free configuration of storage space, storage areas, halls and production facilities
    • Support of chaotic storage, space-related storage, multi-layer storage and high-rack storage
    • Locking of storage areas and material
    • Production plant-centred transport order generation
    • Use of material master data from third-party systems

Other features:

  • WLAN communication between mobile devices (crane, forklift, mobile terminal) and the celWMS server
  • Crane terminal with autonomous recording of all load and position changes and automatic synchronisation of data with the celWMS server enables temporary operation without WLAN
  • Integration of ground-based cranes via tablets / mobile terminals and large-scale displays
  • Inventory with tablets / mobile terminals
  • Interfaces to crane controls, ground transportation systems, process control systems, production control systems and production planning systems

Image sensor and signal processing

Material recognition and tracking in real time.


High-resolution cameras offer a flexible complement to proven sensors. They detect material in a large field of view and are used for material tracking and measurement, text recognition and quality / surface determination.

celano uses a modular image processing framework for material recognition and tracking in real time. Modern GPGPU algorithms process images with high colour depth and resolution. They are combined with other sensor data (e.g. drives, light barriers) for the validation of the detection.