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The task

Stability through flexibility – Identifying developments Optimising strengths.

Customer-specific, technical applications have a process component (process mapping) and a system component made of software and hardware (interface technology, computer hardware, operating systems, programming languages, etc.). The process component hardly changes, whereas the system component is subject to more frequent changes due to the ever shorter cycle times for hardware and software.

The often close interlocking of both components leads to necessary

  • Version changes
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Modifications of the interfaces or interface technology
  • new software technologies


which in conventional solutions often require the exchange of the entire application.

The strategy

Our development strategy is based on a clear differentiation between the process and the system component.

Modular structure of the application

  • clear separation of process data processing and visualisation based on a client / server architecture
  • easy and flexible exchange of individual components
  • easy integration of new interfaces
  • no limitation of the operator workstations
  • scalable architecture to cover tasks of different complexity

Use of open standards and current software technology

The high interoperability ensures a safe investment for the future. The included source code can be easily viewed and edited.

Customer-oriented software process

The customer is involved throughout the entire process. Thanks to many years of experience, we only propose purposeful solutions.

Independent platform

We guarantee the compatibility of our software with all common systems (hardware, operating systems).

The solution

The celCAP® architecture –
Our basic IT framework.