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celCAP® 4.0

Tailored solution strategies for complex tasks.

celCAP® 4.0 is the backbone of our solutions. It provides the common platform independent of the respective task (control system, model, warehouse management system, material tracking) and industry (metal, environmental technology, etc.) and covers basic software tasks such as data acquisition, storage, communication, visualisation, error message processing and report generation. The modular structure of the overall architecture enables a tailored adaptation for a wide range of requirements. ​ ​

Ready for the future

celDSP (Dispatcher)

The dispatcher as a central scheduler transmits and coordinates the data exchange between individual communication partners (transport adapters, business logics and dispatchers on other computers).

celTA (Transport adapter)

The transport adapters handle the communication between the application and the external world. The outwardly different protocols are converted inside to a standard.


celBL (Business logic)

In business logic, the data technology implementation of the process takes place.

celMES / celERP (Transport adapter)

These standard transport adapters, in conjunction with celL3MES / celL4ERP, enable the data to be exchanged with superior MES or ERP systems.

celNetServer (Transport adapter)

This transport adapter is responsible for the data exchange between backend and middleware.

celWebConnect (Middleware)

The middleware receives events and telegrams from the backend processes and makes them available to web applications. Conversely, it receives requests from web clients, which it processes and forwards to the backend.

GUI / Client, Wearables (HMI)

The human-machine interface is used to display the operator dialogues and the system and process visualisation on desktop systems as well as on mobile devices (e.g. tablet, smartphone, wearables).

DB (Database)

All standard databases can be integrated.